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Me meditating and channeling my inner monk

Welcome to Monk of Wall Street!

Let me start by addressing the name first. Why 'Monk of Wall Street' ? Yes, I do work on Wall Street and no, I am not a monk (despite what the above image might signal). In fact, seeing monks work on Wall Street would be quite the sight 😂 . What I do (try) every morning is to meditate and practice gratitude through journaling, 5-10 mins, whatever time I'm able to take out. So combine my profession and my morning routine, the name became an inside joke among friends. 


This blog has been a work in progress (mostly in my mind) for a while but I'm finally doing it. I've gotten into writing recently and there's no better way to improve than to write, and get feedback (looking at you for this). 


What can you expect as a reader? The idea is two-fold. First, I want to share anything that is top of mind and that might be useful to others. Rather than bombarding my wife with voice notes and long messages, this blog will be a brain dump of stuff I find interesting. Second, it is meant to hold me accountable. Where relevant, I will highlight my personal takeaways and anything else I am committing to. You know what they say - you aren’t committing until you say it out loud. Don’t ask me who says it 🙂  


I hope you enjoy, this is as vulnerable as I've been in a public setting - putting my thoughts out there. If there is any feedback, PLEASE let me know, I would really appreciate it! 

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